Your ally throughout cancer treatment, delivering bespoke health improvement programmes to the palm of your hand.

Our unique approach combines the connectivity and intelligence of technology with the support of healthcare professionals to ensure the very best results.

Your ally throughout cancer treatment.

We are your team of experts across healthcare, nutrition, fitness and emotional wellbeing. From the moment you need us, we stand boldly beside you and your loved ones to help you take it all in and take it all on.

How it works


STEP 1: You'll be asked to complete our Cancer Health Checker so we can immediately understand how we can help improve your health, together.

STEP 2: Schedule your first video consultation with the team. Think about your overall motivations and goals beforehand – from a sun-kissed trip away to building back your strength.

STEP 3: We deliver your Onko Activation Kit, complete with wearable tech, to monitor your progress. We begin to track your progress right away.


STEP 4: You meet your team. A video consultation allows us to get to know you properly, alleviate concerns, discuss your targets and introduce you to VO2 max.
HINT: It’s not a robot, it’s a fitness measure!

STEP 5: We carry out a short physical assessment. Nothing scary we promise. You’re all set to progress and it’s only the end of week one!

STEP 6: From here, we keep it fresh each week with personalised, goal-based plans and content. We tailor them to what you need across fitness, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and anything it takes to keep you improving.


STEP 7: Your personal health coach is there every step of the way to monitor and optimise your plan. WARNING: We take progress personally.

STEP 8: We keep the content coming, as regularly as necessary to keep you engaged, motivated, informed and inspired. We’ll know each other pretty well by now and will adapt the plan to keep up the pace, at your pace.


STEP 9: We make it last. We ensure our plan is here to stay and make sure the structure we’ve found together turns new habits into lasting health benefits.

STEP 10: We stay in touch. Everyone needs an MOT every now and again. We drop in to say hi and make sure you’re motoring.

We stand boldly beside you.

Our technology allows for frequent education, on-going understanding and connected care to help you achieve the best quality of life and fastest route to recovery. Our service ensures you are not only supported but personally empowered, energized and motivated.

We talk to each other and to you, a lot, because we understand. Our multi-disciplinary team has a combined century of experience working together. We’ve been through thick and thin with each other and we’ll go through thick and thin with you too.

Onko combines the expert support you’d get as an inpatient with all the freedoms you’d have as an outpatient. Person first, patient second, to us you are an ONpatient.

Meet the team


Ellie Toyn

Patient Liaison

Ellie’s experience lies within Customer Service, PR & Marketing and Business Operations.

She is highly motivated to bring a simplicity and ease to Onko administration, while providing a seamless and high-quality standard of service for patients.

Ellie is obsessive about organisation and streamlining processes, she enjoys the communication with patients and following their progress throughout their programme.

Krishna Moorthy

Surgeon and Co-founder

Krishna is a senior lecturer and consultant surgeon in Imperial College London. As a surgeon, Krishna knows only too well the impact cancer and cancer treatment has on people. He strongly believes that overall health optimisation before, during, and after cancer treatment is as important as the latest cancer drugs and surgical techniques. He has seen for himself the benefits this approach has in improving people’s quality of life and overall survival in cancer.

Krishna uses his extensive clinical experience to advise on the development of programmes for people preparing and recovering from cancer surgery. As an academic surgeon at Imperial College London, he brings the necessary scientific rigour to Onko’s health optimisation programmes. His current interests include research on the impact of prehabiliation on clinical outcomes in patients receiving treatment for cancers.

Venetia Wynter-Blyth

Nurse and Co-founder

Venetia has worked as a cancer nurse for over 20 years across many clinical areas. Drawing on her wealth of experience,Venetia founded the PREPARE programme with Imperial College NHS Trust to motivate and support people with cancer to take control of their own health. She was awarded the Royal College of Nursing’s Nurse of the Year award for this pioneering effort, before later winning the RCNi Innovation of the Year award for demonstrating the programme’s impact.

PREPARE and Onko are the results of her mission to change the paradigm of cancer treatment, whereby the focus is not only on the cancer but also the overall health of the individual. To reflect this, Onko combines the robustness and science of health improvement with the human elements of support, motivation and encouragement. Most importantly, Onko embodies Venetia’s personal resolve to ensure that the person is at the heart of everything we do.

Mitchell Hunt

Fitness Trainer

Mitchell brings a positive and collaborative approach to personal training with a focus on functional fitness and holistic health. His passion lies in seeing people unlock their potential and realise their best self. In his time as a personal trainer and coach he has seen many personal victories in his clients and is always searching for new and innovative ways to give his clients the greatest chance of success. Mitchell is incredibly excited to be working with Onko; delivering his skills and energy where it is most needed.

Alex King

Clinical Psychologist

Alex joined the team at Onko to develop a unique integrated program, where psychological insights and evidence are integrated seamlessly into every interaction, to promote physical and psychosocial adjustment and recovery for all.

In his NHS role, Alex has been leading the specialist psycho-oncology team at Imperial College Healthcare since 2013, after practicing at Guy’s & St Thomas’ cancer centre since 2007. From this clinical and research learning, Alex has developed an approach to cancer adjustment and recovery that puts a person’s resilience, flexibility and self-efficacy at the forefront.

Lucy Long

Fitness Trainer

Lucy’s background as a professional dancer, and acrobatic aerialist, naturally progressed into a career in the fitness industry. She brings a different outlook to exercise for Onko, due to her different training experiences. Using dance, acrobatics, Pilates and personal training, Lucy likes to adapt and explore different pathways of movement and exercise. Lucy is highly motivated and passionate about what she does, and more so helping others to explore ways in which they, too, can see the benefits and the enjoyment in exercise. In the future, Lucy would like to continue to develop new ways to help people find their personal joy in fitness, remembering everyone is an individual with different needs and desires.

Maria Halley


Maria has a diverse clinical background having supported people with a range of nutritional problems, from undernutrition and digestive disorders, to obesity and diabetes. She has seen first-hand the effects a multi-dimensional, integrated approach to cancer care can have in terms of achieving optimal outcomes from a physical and psychological perspective.

Maria has a strong belief that what and how we eat and drink can have a profound impact on our health and our mood. Her expertise lies in behaviour change and her consultations are focused on motivating and empowering people to achieve their goals.

May Nel


May has over 20 years’ experience as a physiotherapist. She has a warm, personal approach and a knack of always getting the best out of her clients. She quickly identifies where people’s physical difficulties lie, and how best to overcome them, using carefully crafted exercise programmes designed to make achieving goals both enjoyable and a way of life. Nothing gives her greater pride than seeing her client’s confidence grow as they progress through the programme. Her ‘whole person approach’ to the individual and their physical fitness is underpinned by her fascination of physiology in disease and ageing. She is never likely to admit it,  but there is very little May doesn’t know about exercise and cancer.

Francesca Zaninotto

Postdoctoral Researcher

Through Francesca’s academic experience and educational background, she has become well versed in conducting psychological research and analysing and coding data in a detailed and scientific manner. Her previous experience with a broad array of experimental approaches has helped her develop into a well-rounded and truly inquisitive researcher.

She has gained the ability to integrate organisational and communication skills across all levels of research, enabling her to excel in both independent and team-oriented atmospheres.

Francesca is fascinated by the stories you can tell by analysing abstract concepts of numbers and statistical data. She is very passionate, naturally curious, and enthusiastic. Her keen attention to detail is translated into both dedication and diligence for the research work performed with the Onko team.

Francesca feels that every patient at Onko has a story to tell, and as a Researcher, the search for knowledge and information never seems to stop.

Dr Maurice Slevin

Consultant Medical Oncologist

Dr Slevin is Onko’s key strategic advisor. With over 30 years in medial oncology, Dr Slevin is one of the world’s foremost oncologists and one of the four founder partners of The London Oncology Clinic, a leader in the provision of cancer treatment in UK’s private sector. He has been either the Chair or member of several medical research committees, and has sat on five editorial boards. He’s also the author or co-author of almost 200 academic manuscripts, has authored two books, edited three others and contributed 17 chapters to medical textbooks.

In 1985 he co-founded CancerBACUP, the UK’s leading charity providing cancer information and support to patients and their families, where he was chairman and trustee from 1987 to 2008. He was also a trustee of the Cancer Research Campaign which later became Macmillan Cancer Support, where he remained on the board until 2009. He provides Onko with the advice and leadership required to grow and his insight into the problems faced by cancer patients contributes to the company’s overarching vision for the product and the business.

Martyn Rankin

VP of Product & Engineering

Martyn is an experienced technology leader having spent 15 years delivering digital products at market-leading companies across different sectors of industry. He brings a methodical approach to the development of our digital platforms and rigorously questions what we are doing to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to our users.

Martyn is driven, hard-working and loves to work with passionate teams with ambitious goals – hence seeing Onko as the perfect fit! He is excited by the opportunity to make human interactions more efficient and responsive through technology and to design a system that puts patients firmly in the driving seat.

Daniella Mcerlain

Operations Assistant

Daniella has a background in science, technical, medical and educational publishing, with 18 years’ experience working in various roles within the industry. She is passionate about all things holistic, health and wellbeing and is currently studying Anatomy, physiology and Massage Therapy. Being able to combine her strong organisational, project management skills and positivity with Onko’s vision of optimising the health of those most in need is a dream role for Daniella.

Andy Morris

Consultant Chef

Andy Morris has a wealth of experience working at some of the most celebrated kitchens in London – from the Ledbury in Notting Hill to Providores in Marylebone – before co-launching the Brackenbury in the capitals’ West End. His passion for food started in his youth where he enrolled in cookery classes and, decades on, he has dedicated his love for gastronomy by pivoting from professional kitchens into a classroom where he shares his culinary wisdom with his students, at the Waitrose Cookery School.

His mission is to impart his knowledge, which he insists need to be in an entertaining and educational way, to inspire individuals to think differently about their relationship with food. Moreover, Andy is passionate about the important role food plays in cancer treatment and has devised specialised menus to support the programme.

Adele Hug

Clinical Operations and Dietitian

Adele is originally from Australia but has been living in the UK and working in the NHS since 2002. She’s approachable, realistic in her manner and experienced in all areas of cancer dietetics.

Adele knows how tough life with cancer can be, and provides a professional but relaxed approach to eating and cancer. She thinks outside the box and is a problem solver. She is a symptom expert; she will get to the bottom of what is impacting your eating and work with you to change it. She values family and knows how interlinked the family is in someone’s relationship with food. She’s a big foodie and, as a life-long nerd, she loves learning!


people maintain or improve physical fitness


people contain or improve anxiety scores


people maintain or improve quality of life

Success stories

Helgi Johannsson, consultant anaesthetist

“Over many years I’ve consistently been blown away by how much of a difference this programme makes to our patients. Being able to deliver it remotely through this digital platform allows people to incorporate it into their lives and allows a much greater number to benefit from it.”


“I think without exception everyone I’ve met from Onko has been an inspiration to me. Their caring nature; they are professionals but they care. The times when you go through something really quite traumatic to have someone who you feel really cares about you and puts their arms around you. They are enthusiastic and willing you on. It’s what you need. They’re part of your team .”


“I would say reach out to Onko, because if you do, you will get such fabulous support from professionals who really care and understand what we are going through.”


“I think you guys are just amazing!”


“I know that because of the programme I have been through, and the plan  I’ve adhered to, I have achieved great things.”


“We are so very fortunate to be under the care of such experienced, capable and empathetic people as yourselves.”


“The staff are absolutely fabulous, caring professional, supportive. I can’t speak highly enough of everyone I’ve dealt with.”


“This programme prepared me physically and emotionally for the challenges of my surgery and the adaptations beyond. Despite pre-operative chemotherapy, I arrived for my operation in better shape than I had enjoyed for decades, with a full understanding of what lay ahead and equipped with a plan to navigate my way back to a healthy life.”


“I felt very much as though I was working as part of the team. It was just extremely useful at a time which is obviously very difficult, but it gave me another focus and a goal as opposed to just dealing with my diagnosis and the treatment that goes with it.”


The Guide is the heart of the Onko app offering an extensive learning resource. From myth busting and must-know basics to managing specific symptoms of your cancer type, we tell you what you need to know with character and care.

How can we help you?

To find out how we can help you, or someone you care about, give us a call or drop us an email today.